Wedding Blessings ~ Renewal of Vows ~ Handfastings

CandlesRev Trish Tidy
As a One Spirit Interfaith Minister and Registered Independent Celebrant Patricia is able to perform Wedding Blessings wherever you wish.  After you have completed the legal side with the registrar your Wedding Blessing can go ahead at a venue of your choice in the company of your family and friends.
Spiritual traditions ~ or something religious that is meaningful to you will be honoured. For those with no traditions a ceremony can be created which speaks to your heart.You may wish to hold your Wedding Blessing in a hotel, in your own garden, on a hilltop at sunrise, or on a beach at sunset. Patricia has conducted Wedding Blessings in hotels, gardens, farms, a canal barge, a tipi, a restored cinema and historic sites and forest clearings.  You can be as imaginative or traditional as you wish.
Pagan altarHandfasting is originally a Celtic tradition and now adopted into many New Age practices. It signifies a betrothal for a year and a day or for as long as love lasts.  The handfast binds the couple together - heart, mind, body and spirit.
Weather permitting the ceremony can be held outdoors if desired. Kindly spirits and ancient ancestors are invited.  The loving couple make their own pledges to each other as their wrists are gently bound together with cord or ribbon. The tied cord indicates their mutual commitment connecting to the old saying "to tie the knot." 
The betrothed couple then jump over the broomstick which is their leap of faith into a new life together, or they can choose to kiss through the hoop which represents the circle of life.  It is a beautiful Pagan celebration often followed by traditional cakes and ale, dancing & singing.
CandlesA renewal of Wedding Vows ceremony is meaningful and touching for you, your family and your friends.  As a married couple you pause and reflect on your relationship and where you intend to take it in the future.  Or, if you have recently married in a Registry Office, or by Civil Ceremony abroad,  you may wish to have a special ceremony incorporating rich meaning and involvement with your family and friends.
When you first joined hands and hearts you did not know where life would take you, and you promised to love, honour and cherish one another through all things.  Life will probably bring you many wonderful blessings and some difficult challenges along the way. So a special ceremony to reaffirm your wedding vows will be an opportunity to say once again that you intend to continue to fulfill your promises to each other.
And so, in the presence of your family and friends you can once more reaffirm your commitment to each other. 
Patricia will help you plan your special day, guiding you every step of the way.  You can choose to have a candle lighting ceremony, readings, poems,cake, exchange of gifts/rings and music that is special and meaningful to you. 
Your choice of venue can be simply your own back garden, a hall, a function room, a wooded glade, a canal barge, a tipi - in fact - the extent of your imagination is the only barrier! The theme can be romantic, rustic, traditional or even gothic!  You could have a 40's, 50's, 60's theme right up to the 21st century - and beyond!
Once you have decided to have your special day to remember then contact Patricia to arrange a meeting and a chat.  
 Thank you Messages
"I just wanted to let you know that we are on Cloud 9 today!  Our handfasting was so spiritual and meaningful for us.  We both felt very emotional (as you probably noticed).  Our friends really enjoyed taking part too.  You did a wonderful ceremony." 

"Can we thank you for your lovely ceremony and your company - we will never forget the day - it was esquisite! "  

"Thank you so much for the lovely service on Sunday.  So many of our guests have told us how wonderful it was.  All those family and friends who could not come to our 'first' wedding in Brisbane can now feel they too shared in a special day."

"We just wanted to say thank you so much for Saturday, the blessing ceremony really made the day very special. All our guests commented on how beautiful the ceremony was with the handfasting and candle lighting.  Anyone who is looking for something extra special for their big day should definitely come to you, it was perfect and we will definitely recommend you."

"Thank you for making our day so special. It is rare to find people who genuinely want to do the best for people."

"Thank you so much for all the hard work that you put into making our Wedding Ceremony so wonderfull.  Everyone said they weren't sure what to expect, but loved hearing a truly personal ceremony for a change.  We will treasure your words forever."

"We just wanted to say thank you so much for the beautiful service you performed yesterday in front of our family and friends.  Everyone commented how moving it was and how special that all the family and indeed friends were included in the service.  We had a lovely day and will treasure it for the rest of our lives." 
 * Please note.  I am not a registrar, therefore if you wish to have your Wedding/Commitment legally registered you must consult with a registrar prior to the Blessing Ceremony.